Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Abortion: What about ectopic pregnancies and other diseases?

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When putting together this website, I feel its important to research a standpoint before commenting on it or enforcing it.

Some of the hottest issues to come at us from the launch of this website is that of diseases that a child has, both in the womb and after birth. Where the standpoint is justifying abortion on the issues of such things as ectopic pregnancies and disease such as anencephaly.

While tackling this subject I have had the joy to find that Abortion is in NO way justified in the cases of anencephaly and ectopic pregnancies.

There are many stories out there of experiences and survival of both mother and child where such conditions are found.

For example: here we find five cases where a child and mother have survived an ectopic pregnancy.

Here we see where a child has survived having anencephaly. Also there are preventative methods that have a high success rate: such as here. Even if the child is diagnosed with anencephaly, there are plenty of great stories where the parent(s) have opted to allow the child to die naturally and in doing so have enjoyed the childs relatively short life (see here for such stories).

To summerise, we MUST search out such things before making rash choices. One wonders how many more amazing stories like the above would be testified, had the choice to abort not been made. We have no idea what will happen to a child, we cannot play guessing games when the life of a child is at stake.

For those of you who have had an abortion in the past, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

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