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EDUCATE yourself - for the sake of the unborn

If you have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

Monday, 2 November 2009

WOW... planned parenthood worker resigns from conviction

If you have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

I say I say I say.. when is a child not a child?

When the child is aborted? NOT a joke.

You don't have to go far in the UK to find posters like these. Yet a child like this can be aborted in one part of the hospital and the other you will see posters trying to protect the unborn "CHILD" to quote their posters.

Why advertise the dangers of harming your baby with a cigarette? surely its worse to crush a baby or poison it and put it in the bin?

Does it not worry you that the country has no morallity left?

Regarding the use of alcohol during pregnancy, the NHS website states (http://units.nhs.uk/pregnancy.html)


When you drink, alcohol passes from your blood, through the placenta, to your baby. A baby's liver is one of the last organs to develop fully and does not mature until the latter half of pregnancy. Therefore, your baby cannot process alcohol as well as you can, and is exposed to greater amounts of alcohol for longer periods of time.

Alcohol isn't just dangerous for the baby in the first three months. If you drink heavily during pregnancy, a particular group of problems could develop, known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Children with FAS have:

* Restricted growth
* Facial abnormalities
* Life-long learning and behavioural disorders

Regular on-going drinking in pregnancy above the recommended levels, as well as binge drinking, may still be associated with lesser forms of the full FAS, referred to as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

It may be that you weren't deliberately trying for a baby, but have conceived by accident. If this has happened to you, stop drinking altogether as soon as you find out you are pregnant - or if you do drink reduce your alcohol consumption to no more than 1-2 units once or twice a week - and talk to your GP or midwife.


If they started to abort children using guns, would this make abortion immoral perhaps? I mean honestly, how come they can't join the dots between point A (all the warnings of how such things will effect your unborn BABY) and point B, the thousands of babies being murdered every day in the same buildings!

The website goes further to say:


The risks of heavy drinking during pregnancy
First trimester (months 0-3):

* Damage to developing organs and nervous system, resulting in later mental and physical problems
* Major structural abnormalities
* Spontaneous miscarriage

Second trimester (months 3-6):

* Continued risk of damage to the central nervous system
* Continued risk of miscarriage

Third trimester (months 6-9):

* Disruption to general growth and development
* Dulled mental abilities
* Minor abnormalities
* Low birth-weight


The website then later goes on to provide services for the pregnant mother to help them stop drinking / cut down. How about some money going to help prevent those mothers from aborting their children? Where are the posters showing the harm that abortion does to their baby?

If you have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

35,000 babies murdered - Woman admits part to play

If you have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

Better off aborted? - in the womb and out of the womb?

Having recently been extremely delighted by the birth of our son, I cast my mind back to some of the sessions we had with a mid-wife.

Amniocentesis is something we were offered (even though for a start there is a risk, however, of about 1 in 100 to 200 of a spontaneous miscarriage after the procedure*). This is the test to find out if our child had downs syndrome.

According to one source, three children with down's syndrome are aborted every day. For more info click here.

One would have to ask why? why would we want to test to see if this is the case? I keep seeing the words 'risk' and 'termination' and 'learning difficulties in schools.' The risk being that the child has downs syndome so the tests are carried out. The termination offered probably because they are either a burden to the parent or society. But one article I found here, suggests its because "Down's syndrome (DS) is the commonest single cause of significant learning disability in children of school age."

One would then ask, on that basis, should we line up every child who falls into this catagory thats alive today and have them, well, shot? or more to the point of 'termination,' should we rip their body apart and throw it in the bin? In the end, this is pretty much what is being said, whatever the reason is for 'terminating' a baby with downs syndrome.

Today an article appeared on the BBC news website:

'Steep rise in down's pregnancies'

Again, using the word 'risk' but breathing a sigh of relief with the words 'An increase in the number of subsequent abortions and more antenatal diagnoses means slightly fewer children are being born with Down's syndrome.' as if that makes things ok. Then followed by 'Despite the higher number of Down's pregnancies, the number of Down's syndrome babies has fallen by 1%, from 752 to 743.'

Then 'This is because improved antenatal screening means more Down's pregnancies are being spotted and more abortions are taking place. Without the improved screening, the number of babies born with Down's would have risen by 48%, according to the study.'

So, let me get this straight, the NHS technology is 'improved' because it will bring about more murders of innocent children?!?

However, the article does have a very postive end, which really should have been at the beginning. Its worth quoting because everyone should be made aware of such words before they are pursuaded to have a test.

Doctors told Natasha and Eddie Batha that there was a one-in-170 chance that their daughter Mia, who is now three, would be born with the condition.

Mr Batha told BBC Breakfast that their shock of learning that Mia did have Down's syndrome soon gave way to the realisation that the condition was not as bad as they feared.

'Another human being'

He said: "You're led to believe that it's the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to you.

"And then you realise it's just another human being who happens to be a little bit different.

"She just takes a bit more effort and she is a bit slower to pick up on things."

His wife agreed that many people were misinformed about Down's syndrome and she thinks this has contributed to the high abortion rate.

She said: "Because you have a test [during pregnancy] you think that it must be a terrible thing if it happened.

"There's no qualifying information and I think that would be really useful to get that and it might affect a lot of people's decision as to whether they could live with that."


So, in summary, it is so important to remember that 'termination' of a child in the womb is no different to murdering a child that has been born (see articles below).

Go and meet a child with downs syndrome before you make any decisions (if this article has not convinced you) as well as reading the links below.

Scientific reasons why a baby is human from conception:
When does life begin?

The non-religious college who says life begins at conception:

If you have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Woman who had 15 ABORTIONS in 17 years

I am amazed this lady has any conscience left.

Article From : http://www.christian.org.uk/news/abortion-addict-has-15-terminations-in-17-years/

A self-confessed ‘abortion addict’ has written a book about how she had 15 abortions in 17 years because of a “controlling” husband who didn’t want children.

One pro-lifer said this shows how “abortion is part of a very sad story for women”.


Although the author remains pro-abortion, she admits: “My story is a perversion of both maternal desire and abortion, framed by a lawful procedure that I abused.”

Irene Vilar’s 17-year cycle of pregnancies and abortions began when she met and married a 50-year-old literary professor, Pedro Cuperman, at 16 years old.

In her book, Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict, Mrs Vilar writes: “By the time I lay in an abortion clinic waiting for the procedure to begin, I would feel nothing but disgust and shame.

“When I left the clinic, I felt a calm respite, surrender. I always said to myself then ‘This has to end’”, she added.

Mrs Vilar continued: “A moment came when not being pregnant was enough motivation for wanting to be pregnant. Getting pregnant began to be simply a habit.

“If I wasn’t pregnant, something was wrong, more wrong than what was already wrong. I believe this habit formed with abortion number 9 and pregnancy number 10.”

Charmaine Yoest, president of pro-life group Americans United for Life, said: “It really underscores everything we always say in the pro-life movement – that abortion is part of a very sad story for women.”

When Mrs Vilar was just eight years old she witnessed her mother committing suicide and two of her brothers later became heroin addicts.

Commenting on the book, Mrs Vilar said: “Women have written memoirs about their anorexia or their bulimia, and they explain the best that they can what motivated their addiction or their behaviour. I try to do the same in this book.”

The author is now a literary agent and re-married in 2003. She is raising their two daughters and two teenage stepchildren in Denver, Colorado.

She said: “Motherhood has made me feel accountable”, but added, “It hasn’t made me less pro-choice.”

The manuscript for Impossible Motherhood was rejected more than 50 times, before eventually being published by Other Press.

Source: http://www.christian.org.uk/news/abortion-addict-has-15-terminations-in-17-years/

For those of you who have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

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JAILED for 25 years for the attempted destruction of his (unborn) daughter

I came across this shocking article today. Whats most interesting is that there were charges for the attempted 'destruction' of his unborn daughter. Why would this be so when so many 'destroy' the child in the womb through abortion?

article from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/north_east/8306659.stm

Hammer attack father-to-be jailed

Simon Morris and Nerys Price
Simon Morris had denied trying to kill his partner Nerys Price

A man has been jailed for 25 years for trying to murder his heavily pregnant partner and attempting to destroy their unborn baby.

Simon Morris, 37, had been having an affair and would have inherited money from Nerys Price's will, Mold Crown Court was told.

The prosecution said he had made the attack look like burglary gone wrong.

He denied trying to kill Ms Price, also 37, as she slept beside him at their home in Prestatyn, Denbighshire.

Jailing Morris for 25 years for the attempted murder and a further 25 years for the attempted destruction of his daughter, to be served concurrently, Judge Merfyn Hughes QC said he had committed a "shocking" crime.

"The jury have convicted you on the basis of compelling evidence," he said.

It was a wicked and callous attempt to rid yourself of a partner who was willing to have your child
Judge Merfyn Hughes QC

"To have tried to kill your partner within just a few weeks of her giving birth is, in my opinion, quite a shocking and aggravating feature.

"It was a wicked and callous attempt to rid yourself of a partner who was willing to have your child and who had done nothing but give you love and affection."

Morris hit Ms Price twice on the head with the sharp end of a bricklayer's hammer when she was 38 weeks pregnant with his child, the trial heard.

Prosecutor Patrick Harrington QC said Morris then made it look as if an intruder had been responsible.

But a random burglar would have nothing to gain and everything to lose from attacking a heavily pregnant woman, he told the court.

When Ms Price woke up she asked Morris to call the police but remembered seeing sevens and nines on his phone as he tried to to dial 999, she told the jury.

"It appeared that he was trying to ring the police but was clearly missing the numbers," she said.

After contacting the emergency services herself, she was taken to hospital where she later gave birth by emergency caesarean section to her daughter Freya. She was treated for two skull fractures and underwent emergency surgery.

Both have since made a full recovery, the jury was told.

to read more click here

Scientific reasons why a baby is human from conception:
When does life begin?

The non-religious college who says life begins at conception:

The Super Model who converted from pro-choice to pro-life and her reasons why:

For those of you who have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

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Vaccination And Abortion evil in the UK

from http://www.vaccineriskawareness.com -

PLEASE NOTE: the website this article is taken from may not be completely pro-life, therefore any such statements I view are seperate to the issue at hand.


The Vaccine and Abortion Racket.

It shocks many parents and even professionals alike when I mention that certain vaccines are cultured on aborted human foetal remains. The immediate response seems to be stunned silence followed by an incredulous ‘what?’ or just sheer disbelief. Even my health visitor exclaimed
‘Oh no, that can’t be right, you must have got that wrong!’
When I pointed out to her that the MMR vaccine she was promoting had aborted human baby in it.
It is a fact that to grow a virus or bacteria one must have an unclean medium on which to propagate the virus. To do this they would either use animal tissue, human blood products, genetically engineered yeast or aborted foetal tissue.

Why Medics Don’t Like Animal Tissue

Foetal tissue is the preferred choice for many vaccinologists as it avoids potential contamination with animal diseases and cross-transfer of animal DNA into humans.
According to Dr. Philip Brunel, Chief Medical Editor of ‘Infectious Diseases in Children’, March 2003, ‘About 40 years ago, cells from human embryos were grown in tissue culture…These strains, in contrast to the malignant cell lines that were existent at the time, retained their normal chromosome number and did not produce tumours. It was soon found, moreover, that they would support the growth of many viruses. Varicella virus and hepatitis A viruses were propagated in these cells, whereas it was difficult if not impossible to grow them in other types of cells. They provided an almost ideal substrate for the production of some of the vaccines we now use. Before the discovery of these cells, some vaccines were grown in avian eggs or cells derived from avian embryos. Other vaccines (eg, polio) were grown in kidney cells obtained by killing monkeys. In contrast to the human diploid cells, each time cells were required, a monkey had to be killed to obtain their kidney to produce cell cultures. This not only put a drain on the monkey population but also carried the risk of harbouring monkey viruses, eg, SV40, which is known to be oncogenic in some species. Also, some of the monkey’s bit handlers and infected them with herpes B virus, which was often fatal.’

Vaccines That Use Foetal Tissue

Currently, the following vaccines in the UK contain aborted foetal tissue: MMR II, MMR (Priorix), MR, Rabies (Imovax), Hepatitis A (Havarix and Avaxim brands). Old style single rubella vaccines contained foetal tissue, as well as some brands of single measles vaccines and the Medeva polio vaccine which was withdrawn for safety reasons.
In the USA, there is also an inject able polio vaccine by Connaught Labs which contains foetal tissue, as does the Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine.

This practice began in the 1960’s when lung tissue was taken from an aborted female foetus, for use in the rubella vaccine, after she was terminated for mental health reasons by the mother. They also took tissue from a 14 week old male foetus, aborted for the same reason.

Newer cell lines from fetal tissue includes PER.C6 cell line from Merck, which used tissue from an 18 week old baby whose mother aborted it because she didn't know who its father was. They also used tissue from a 21 week baby and this line is being used in flu and TB vaccines as well as experimental vaccines that researchers are still working on, including maleria and rabies vaccines, cancer and HIV vaccines. The tissue used was from both babies eyes.


It states in this PDF document on page 77, that:

'The PER.C6 cell line was made by Ron Beut and Frits Fallaux in 1995 from embryonic retina cultures that were made from fetal tissue' (part of the eye of the unborn baby). I have a copy of this document should anyone want me to email it to them.

And here is the glossy brochure advertising the PER.C6 cell line from aborted baby, including all the new vaccines in the pipeline that they are developing from it:


An Ethical Minefield

Miscarried babies cannot be used in the production of vaccines since most miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormality and therefore renders the tissue too dangerous to use in case there is any transference of disease into the vaccinated person. Early embryonic cells can also not be used as they are not large enough to take a tissue sample from, therefore all unborn children used in vaccine production must be over the age of 12 weeks gestation and without any genetic abnormality.

Even for those who are pro a woman’s choice, may find this disrespectful use of human remains challenging.
It also raises the question of how we as a society value human life and whether in fact we have the right to place more importance on one baby’s life than another baby? Is it right to inject one baby with MMR to protect him from measles, using the body parts of a dead baby? Should one baby die to save another and what makes the child who receives MMR more important than the child who was used to make the drug? Would mothers even want it if they knew they were injecting their child with human remains?


There are also many religious groups who are opposed to abortion who would find the use of foetal tissue in vaccines, unacceptable. At the Catholic Bishops conference of England and Wales 1994, religious leaders prepared a report on the subject which called vaccine use of aborted foetal tissue ‘a kind of evil which is widespread in biomedical research and which people rightly think they should combat when they can…the practice of medicine is being made parasitic on the evils of abortion and foetal experimentation.’
They add that ‘refusing vaccination is one way of seeking to turn medicine from a course which will increasingly subvert people’s confidence in it.’
According to Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (4th edition, 2001), ‘"Catholic health care institutions should not make use of human tissue obtained by direct abortions even for research and therapeutic purposes" (Directive 66).
Other religions such as Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and fundamentalist Christians are all opposed to abortion and see it as anti-scriptural so getting any foetal containing vaccine would be against their philosophy.

rest of the article here: http://www.vaccineriskawareness.com/Vaccination-And-Abortion-

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Did you know that certain pills also contain abortive agents?

Did you know that certain pills also contain abortive agents? (abortifacients) click here for more information. Make sure you know / find out what you put in your body.

(to the left is a recent photograph of our son, Tobias Paul Williams, he is the child pictured above in the womb at 12 weeks)

If you have considered or have had an abortion, or even taken a pro-choice stand in life, please read the following with a humble heart and listen to your conscience. here

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Women who have just one abortion face 35% increased risk of having a premature baby

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Women who have abortions could be posing a risk to future children, according to research published today.

A Canadian medical study found that those who abort a pregnancy could run the risk of giving birth to premature of low-weight children in subsequent pregnancies.

It discovered that women who had undergone more than one abortion had a 72 per cent increased risk for low birth weight and 93 per cent risk of prematurity.

It also found that women who had an abortion in the first or second trimester had a 35 per cent increased risk of giving birth to a low-weight birth baby and a 36 per cent increased risk of having a premature baby,

The study was set up to investigate why babies are born premature and underweight.

The researchers looked at 37 studies around the world carried out between 1965 and 2001 to determine whether previous abortion may be one of the factors.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1213784/Abortions-pose-risk-future-babies-says-study.html#ixzz0RLNY26UE

If you have considered or have had an abortion, or even taken a pro-choice stand in life, please read the following with a humble heart and listen to your conscience. here

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What makes a non-religious College of Pediatricians say human life begins at conception?

quote from here:

The American College of Pediatricians concurs with the body of scientific evidence that human life begins at conception—fertilization........

............In the words of the ethicist RenĂ©e Mirkes: “At the completion of the process of fertilization when the male and female pronuclei of the human progenitors’ sperm and ovum are indistinguishable and lose their nuclear envelopes, the human creature emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic human organism. This individuated human organism actually has the natural capacity for the person-defining activities of reasoning, willing, desiring, and relating to others. The human individual also possesses the actual, natural capacity to develop continuously into the mature (maximally differentiated) organism of a functional adult human being, the organic structural development of which is under the control of a sequence of primordial centers which begin with nuclear DNA or the genome, and eventually develops into the central nervous system, especially the fully developed brain with its cerebral cortex…The new zygote, a member of the species homo sapiens, with its particular (that is, genome-specific) bodily “matter” unified and organized, that is, formed or enlivened by means of its life principle—the soul and all of its person-defining natural powers---is a whole, living, human person. The difference between the individual in her adult stage and in her zygotic stage is not one of personhood but of development.”

Click the link above to read more.


if you have considered or have had an abortion, or even taken a pro-choice stand in life, please read the following with a humble heart and listen to your conscience. here

The SUPER MODEL who went from pro-choice to PRO-LIFE

if you have considered or have had an abortion, or even taken a pro-choice stand in life, please read the following with a humble heart and listen to your conscience. Here

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Infanticide in Britain where children of similar gestation have known to survive...

It does not take long to find cases on the internet where a premature baby has survived a very early birth. For example, here we find one that hit the national news recently and in an article on this website fairly recently (here). Yet current laws in 'great' Britain state: "(f) Below 22 weeks of gestation, no baby should be resuscitated." from here But what I have recently discovered is that this law has lead to the clear infanticide and murder of innocent children. HERE we see a website set up to fight this legislation. And HERE is another account.

How can anyone leave a child to die when they are clearly alive and not administer help especially when cases of survival can be easily found like those above?

To fight this, the website above has a link to a petition which I would encourage you not only to sign, but to have others sign also. Click here to sign the petition. THIS IS OPEN TO NON UK RESIDENTS BY DOWNLOADING THE FORM ON THE LINK.

Photo above of child at 20 weeks gestation (with permission from http://prolifetraining.com)

If you think this is bad, or if you have considered or have had an abortion, please read the following with a humble heart and listen to your conscience. Here

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What is this a photo of?

PRENATAL 8 WEEKS (http://prolifetraining.com with permission)

What is this a photo of?

PRENATAL 7 WEEKS (http://prolifetraining.com with permission)

"Whats the big deal? Abortion is just a simple five-minute procedure."

from deathroe.com (with permission)

So what? A criminal can hold up a convenience store and gun down everybody in the place in less than five minutes. A drunk driver can kill an entire family in a split second. In five minutes, a woman can be raped and murdered. These are just a few examples of “simple procedures” that only take a short time to accomplish. So what is the significance of how long an abortion takes?

Imagine that a baby girl is about to be aborted, but instead of doing it inside the womb she is taken out alive and placed on a table. Then, her arms are pulled off, her legs are pulled off, her chest is crushed, her skull is collapsed causing her brains to pour out, etc. There will also be a monitor hooked up to her so we can see her heart race as this simple procedure begins.

The only difference between this ex-utero abortion and the other 3,000 in-utero abortions happening today, is that this one is going to be shown live on national television. The question is, would the public’s reaction to what they saw be swayed by the fact it only took five minutes?


For those of you who have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nurse claims to have held baby allowing infanticide in her very arms

16 weeks premature child, pronounced dead - was later found alive

more information here can be found about a baby that was born 16 weeks premature, pronounced dead then realised to be alive. One wonders how many mistakes like this can be made? especially in the cases of abortion.

See also here for an article about when life begins.
See also here for an article regarding a child born at 21 weeks and six days into gestation.

Many cases are out there of children born at periods where most abortions are carried out and can be easily found on google.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tobias Paul Williams

Today Tobias (God is good) Paul (after Leonie's late father) Williams was born. The child you see in the scan image at the top of this page. It was a truely unique experience and a blessing in every part. He was late by 11/12 days and Leonie had to be induced. After contractions started at about 5:30am on the 4th of August, I arrived at the hospital at about 9.30. The contractions increased and increased over time getting more and more painful. To my delight their were cries of God and Jesus, but not in the normal way that people use the words. My wife was reciting scripture as the pains increased. Late in the evening we moved into the delivery room and Leonie was coming to the point where she was completely ready to push. However there was a problem and she was not able to completely open for Tobias to come out. She was then taken into surgery where they carried out an emergency C-Section. I could not comprehend everything that happened in the room. But I did know was that I met a new human being. I had been communicating with him while he was in the womb, but this was so much different that it blows your mind. Why write this on this website you may ask? well my hope with this website is that the scan image above with encourage people to reconsider having an abortion. I know many are waiting to see photos of Tobias and here they are. But I just wanted to say that I have just watched a short clip that has meant so much more to me today than yesterday, yet yesterday I hated its reality. I pray this will speak to your heart and cause you to rise up against this great evil that is spread across the planet.

Please watch the video and then enjoy the photos - Nigel

Saturday, 1 August 2009

A message to anyone who is pro-choice

For those of you who have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

Baby born two weeks before the legal abortion limit

quoted from: here

It's the iconic image of the abortion debate - the tiny feet of a baby girl born TWO WEEKS before the legal limit for terminations. But what happened next? For the first time, we tell her inspiring story...

At 18 months old, Amillia Taylor is already entering the terrible twos.

When life doesn't go her way, she stamps her little foot, pushes out her lower lip and makes her demands with a sweet baby lisp.

She is, her parents say with a smile, a 'proper little madam'. But it's a fighting spirit which has served Amillia well.

Because this bright, beguiling toddler was born at just 21 weeks and six days into her gestation - a whole two weeks before the existing abortion cut-off.

Abortion baby

Against all odds: Amillia Taylor's tiny feet in the doctor's hand

She is the world's youngest premature baby ever to survive and the image of her tiny feet poking out between the fingers of a doctor's hand were used to support calls for the lowering of the 24-week legal limit on abortion.

When she arrived, Amillia weighed less than 10oz and was just nine-and-a-half inches long, with skin which tore like rice paper.

But as the debate over lowering the abortion limit raged this week - culminating in Tuesday's Commons vote which vetoed any change in the law - she was playing happily with her dolls, like any other toddler.

The extraordinary story of her battle for life, and the mother who desperately lied to persuade doctors to try to save her, began with an IVF cycle in June 2006.

Teacher Sonja Taylor, married to childhood sweetheart Eddie, had long dreamed of motherhood. The couple, who married in March 1994, spent years saving for a large family home and to finance fertility treatment.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1021034/The-tiniest-survivor-How-miracle-baby-born-weeks-legal-abortion-limit-clung-life-odds.html#ixzz0MvDJpaJK

Thursday, 30 July 2009

When does human life begin?

(from deathroe.com)

For years abortion proponents have raised the question of when human life begins. As a result terms like "potential human life" have been grabbed up by the media, abortion apologists and the like. But what is the truth about the beginings of life? Here is what experts across the medical and scientific spectrum are saying on the subject.

In a letter to the New York Times submitted February 14, 1973, noted fetologist, Dr. Landrum B. Shettles, accuses the Supreme Court of deny when human life begins. In the letter Dr, Landrum states:

"Concerning when life begins, a particular aggregate of hereditary tendencies (genes and chromosomes) is first assembled at the moment of fertilization when an ovum (egg) is invaded by a sperm cell. This restores the normal number of required
chromosomes, 46, for survival, growth, and reproduction of a new composite individual. "By this definition a new composite individual is started at the moment of fertilization. However, to survive, this individual needs a very specialized environment for nine months, just as it requires sustained care for an indefinite period after birth. But from the moment of union of the germ cells, there is under normal development a living, definite, going concern. To interrupt a pregnancy at any stage is like cutting the link of a chain; the chain is broken no matter where the link is cut. Naturally, the earlier a pregnancy is interrupted, the easier it is technically, the less the physical, objective encounter. To deny a truth should not be made a basis for legalizing abortion."

The immediate product of
fertilization is a human being
In a 1999 article entitled, When do human beings (normally) begin? "scientific" myths and scientific facts, Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D. gives a scientific view on the beginning of life.

She begins with some basic facts about embryos:

"To begin with, scientifically something very radical occurs between the processes of gametogenesis and fertilization--the change from a simple part of one human being (i.e., a sperm) and a simple part of another human being (i.e., an oocyte--usually referred to as an "ovum" or "egg"), which simply possess "human life", to a new, genetically unique, newly existing, individual, whole living human being (a single-cell embryonic human zygote). That is, upon fertilization, parts of human beings have actually been transformed into something very different from what they were before; they have been changed into a single, whole humanbeing. During the process of fertilization, the sperm and the oocyte cease to exist as such, and a new human being is produced."

She then looks at the early stages of the development of babies, pointing out that they have traits particular to themselves and to human beings:

"This new single-cell human being immediately produces specifically human proteins and enzymes (not carrot or frog enzymes and proteins), and genetically directs his/her own growth and development. (In fact, this genetic growth and development has been proven not to be directed by the mother.) Finally, this new human being--the single-cell human zygote--is biologically an individual, a living organism--an individual member of the human species."

She is not alone in her observation. William J. Larsen, whose textbooks are used on college campuses across the country states in his book, Human Embryology (New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1997 pg. 20):

"… [W]e begin our description of the developing human with the formation and differentiation of the male and female sex cells or gametes, which will unite at fertilization to initiate the embryonic development of a new individual." (Emphasis added.)

The entire text of her article can be read here

Human life begins at conception—fertilization

The American College of Pediatriciansin an abstract titled, When Human Life Begins, states that it concurs with the body of scientific evidence that human life begins at conception—fertilization.

Further they say,

"that this definition (when human life begins) has been expounded since prior to Roe vs. Wade, but was not made available to the US Supreme Court in 1973. Scientific and medical discoveries over the past three decades have only verified and solidified this age-old truth. At the completion of the process of fertilization, the human creature emerges as a whole, genetically distinct, individuated zygotic living human organism, a member of the species homo sapiens, needing only the proper environment in order to grow and develop. . . The difference between the individual in its adult stage and in its zygotic stage is not one of personhood but of development."To read the entire abstract click here

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"Virtually every human embryologist and every major textbook of human embryology states that fertilization marks the beginning of the life of the new individual human being."

Dr. C. Ward Kischer ,Professor Emeritus of Human Embryology of the
University of Arizona School of Medicine, American College of Pediatricians

Is the fetus a Baby?

According to testimony published in the Report of South Dakota Task Force to study abortion completed in December 2005, Dr. David Fu-Chi Mark, a nationally celebrated molecular biologist who has patented various polymerase chain reaction techniques, observed that until the development of molecular biology and modern molecular biological techniques,

"Most scientific knowledge concerning human identity and human development prior to birth was based solely upon gross morphological observations and biochemical studies. Over the past twenty years there have been extraordinary scientific medical and technological advances and discoveries which expose the rather rudimentary level of knowledge and ignorance of science, errors of fact and judgment concerning past scientific understanding of the child's existence as a human being, the child's early development and ability to react to the child's environment and feel pain prior to birth. The new techniques developed through the exploding revolution over the past twenty years permits scientists to observe human existence and development at a molecular level, which is applicable in determining genetic uniqueness, genetic diseases and related information through the analysis of human genes well in advance of the old gross, anatomical observation."

He further states, "There can no longer any doubt that each human being is totally unique from the very beginning of his or her life at fertilization."

"A human being at an embryonic age and that human being at an adult age are naturally the same, the biological differences are due only to the differences in maturity. Changes in methylation of cytosine demonstrate that the human being is fully programmed for human growth and development for his or her entire life at the one cell age."

Modern molecular biology has discovered that by the third cell division (long before implantation) all control of growth and development are established by the child's DNA. This means that immediately after conception, all programming for growth of the human being is self-contained.

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"(it is) generally accepted in medical circles that a fetus or embryo is a separate human being . . .Because abortion is a unique procedure in that a physician is terminating the life of one of her patients, the utmost care must be taken to make sure the woman deciding to proceed with such a termination is fully informed of this."

Dr. Yvonne Seger
Chairs the obstetrics and gynecology wing
Avera McKennan Hospital

Fertilization not Implantation marks
the beginning of human life

Patrick Lee, professor of bioethics at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and a member of the President's Council on Bioethics, wrote an essay, The First Fourteen Days of Human Life, published in The New Atlantis that debates the use on non-implanted embryos for science.

From the very beginning of their article these men attack the shaky foundation of the ethics behind the use of embryos for science:

"Most people, who point to implantation as the beginning of an individual human life, offer not the slightest bit of evidence to support their claim, relying instead on an alleged intuition. But since such intuitions can be matched by contrary intuitions, and since the alleged intuitions contradict the evidence supplied by embryological science, they have no evidential weight whatsoever."

They go on to artfully walk through the developmental stages of the embryo from day one through day six. Pointing out the fact that the events that occur are only a matter of the embryo maturing rather than experiencing events that cause a radical change of direction or purpose.

In conclusion they state:

"Science has not solved every mystery of early human development. But human embryology has advanced sufficiently to enable us to dismiss certain fallacies about when a new human life comes to be. We do not doubt the good faith of those who believe that individual life begins at implantation or after the powers of twinning and fusion have passed. But arguments advanced to support these beliefs collapse under scrutiny. We must not let the desire to use human embryos in research obscure our grasp of what those embryos truly are from day 1: namely, nascent members of the human species, worthy of that fundamental respect and protection that justice demands for every member of the human family."

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For those of you who have had an abortion in the past or are considering one now, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

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Should'nt a woman whose baby is going to die anyway have an abortion.
- is abortion safer than childbirth? and having an abortion is the toughest descision, you have no right to interfere

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Miracle Of Life

Abortion: What about ectopic pregnancies and other diseases?

see also should a woman have an abortion if raped? -
Should'nt a woman whose baby is going to die anyway have an abortion. - is abortion safer than childbirth? and having an abortion is the toughest descision, you have no right to interfere.

When putting together this website, I feel its important to research a standpoint before commenting on it or enforcing it.

Some of the hottest issues to come at us from the launch of this website is that of diseases that a child has, both in the womb and after birth. Where the standpoint is justifying abortion on the issues of such things as ectopic pregnancies and disease such as anencephaly.

While tackling this subject I have had the joy to find that Abortion is in NO way justified in the cases of anencephaly and ectopic pregnancies.

There are many stories out there of experiences and survival of both mother and child where such conditions are found.

For example: here we find five cases where a child and mother have survived an ectopic pregnancy.

Here we see where a child has survived having anencephaly. Also there are preventative methods that have a high success rate: such as here. Even if the child is diagnosed with anencephaly, there are plenty of great stories where the parent(s) have opted to allow the child to die naturally and in doing so have enjoyed the childs relatively short life (see here for such stories).

To summerise, we MUST search out such things before making rash choices. One wonders how many more amazing stories like the above would be testified, had the choice to abort not been made. We have no idea what will happen to a child, we cannot play guessing games when the life of a child is at stake.

For those of you who have had an abortion in the past, PLEASE know that forgiveness can be found by getting right with your Creator. Visit here for more details.

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"Having an abortion is a tough decision, you have no right to interfere"

see also should a woman have an abortion if raped?
Should'nt a woman whose baby is going to die anyway have an abortion. and is abortion safer than childbirth?

Murdering your child should be a tough decision. Just imagine how cold-blooded a woman would have to be to say it was no big deal. But simply because a decision is tough, does not mean it is either morally defensible or beyond the legitimate interest of the law. If a man is thinking about killing his 10-year-old daughter to collect on an insurance policy, it may be the toughest decision he ever had to make but that doesn’t mean it should be legal.

Of course, the real question is, why is abortion the toughest decision a woman will ever make? Perhaps it’s because within every woman who submits to an abortion, is the realization she is murdering her own baby.

Abortion safer than childbirth?

see also should a woman have an abortion if raped? and Should'nt a woman whose baby is going to die anyway have an abortion.

To begin with, abortion is certainly not safer for the baby. As for the mom, if we buy into this myth that abortion is safer than childbirth, and if our goal is to protect women, why aren’t we encouraging women to abort all of their pregnancies? Obviously, that would save the most women. Also, if we’re trying to protect women from their children, we should allow women to legally kill their born children as well. After all, children sometimes cause the death of a parent through an accident, and some will even grow up to one day abuse or murder their parents.

from www.deathroe.com

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

shouldn’t a woman whose baby is going to die anyway have an abortion?

Doctors are not always right when they make this diagnosis, but even when they are, there is an enormous moral distinction between the natural death of a child and the intentional killing of one. It is the same as the distinction between a man dying from a heart attack or being killed in a holdup.

The question is, once we have adopted this “going-to-die-anyway” standard, why apply it only to the unborn? If a man is charged with murder, shouldn’t we drop the charges if we discover that the victim already had a fatal disease? Or when certain medical experiments are too dangerous to be attempted under normal circumstances, why shouldn’t we force prisoners on death row to participate since they’re going to die anyway?

source: deathroe.com
see also should a woman have an abortion if raped?

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A 12 year old on abortion

Should a woman have an abortion if raped?

Why should a woman who was the victim of rape or incest have to bear a child?

When pregnancy occurs as a result of rape or incest, the baby is not only the child of the rapist but of the woman as well. Today, it is not unusual for rape victims who aborted their children to say they have come to grips with having been the victim of someone else’s violence, but cannot accept that they inflicted violence on their own baby. On the other hand, you never hear a rape victim who did not have an abortion later say she wished she had. In fact, they often see the baby as the only good thing that came from the situation.

There are those who argue that this baby would be a constant reminder of the rape. When adoption is suggested, the response is that many women are not emotionally able to carry a child for nine months and then give it to someone else to raise. In other words, we’re asked to believe that the kind of woman who would be traumatized by placing her child with a loving family, would be happier if her baby was brutally ripped to shreds, thrown in a dumpster and hauled off to a landfill.

Even if we bought into that, let’s imagine that a woman was kidnapped and held for two years during which time she gave birth to her captor’s son. When rescued, the woman says the baby is a constant reminder of her ordeal but that she could not stand to give him up to someone else to raise. Would we allow her to have him killed? After all, the dynamics used to justify abortion also exist in this situation.

Other people rationalize abortion for rape and incest because the pregnancy was beyond the woman’s control. That too is illogical. Allowing a victim of violence and brutality to inflict violence and brutality upon her own child will not return the control that the rapist stole from her, nor will it address the physical or psychological damage that was done to her.

Finally, we must never forget that the unborn child created through an act of violence is no less a living human being than the one created through an act of love. And just as we would not discriminate against a five-year-old who was conceived in rape or incest, neither should we discriminate against an unborn child who was so conceived.

from www.deathroe.com with permission

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happy birthday?

if this has touched you or you relate to it in any way, please click here

Thursday, 25 June 2009

living Hope - born at 23 weeks gestation

By Loisann Fowler

As a pregnant mother at 23 weeks gestation I was completely asymptomatic when labor started. After giving me the drug to attempt to stop labor, it was determined by amniocentesis that there were at least 4 known bacteria in the amniotic fluid.

The baby was very sick and could not survive in the womb. In fact, the doctor told me the baby had a better chance at surviving outside the womb than within.

I was told that the likelihood of her surviving was very slim. The drug had only slightly slowed labor anyway; the baby wanted out. So pitocin was started and within a few minutes our 510 gram baby girl was born. That is 1 pound 2 ounces, and she was 11 inches long. A team of neonatologists and NICU nurses were ready in waiting.

However, before they rolled her away, the neonatologist asked me if I wanted to touch her. He wheeled her isolette beside my bed and I touched her little hairless head. Her arms moved toward her head and I placed my pinky finger on her delicate hand. To my amazement, she tightly wrapped her hand around my finger and squeezed. This was the beginning of Hope's incredible battle.

There were never any promises made by the staff, only the truth wrapped in patient love and professional wisdom. It was a long and rocky road of life and death moments. For four long months she grew inside of an isolette instead of my womb. No life saving measure was ignored. She was given the best of care. All of her organs were developed and operating at 23 weeks except the lungs. A ventilator breathed the breath of life for her while she grew in strength and size. And she survived! We took Hope home 4 months after the day she was born; a whopping 4 pounds.

Today, December 17 2004, she is a 7 year old preparing for Christmas; with all the joy and enthusiasm this brings. A petite 49 pounds, Hope is as strong as an ox. She has no fear. She jumps from any height, runs without inhibition, climbs to the highest point and loves to go 'faster' at anything that has momentum. She only has hearing in one ear, one leg grows slower than the other (for which she wears a lift on one shoe), and she wears glasses for extreme nearsightedness while having no peripheral vision due to surgery to save her sight. Hope has no inclination that any of these things are handicaps in any way. She loves to draw, sing, play the piano, put together puzzles, play games, jump into her older brothers' arms with reckless abandon and is rarely motionless. Often her last question before going to sleep is, "What's for breakfast?"

Without a doubt life begins at conception. Hope's life began at conception. Her entire family and everyone whom she has ever met rejoices that life was pursued upon her early arrival into this world. Hope is extremely generous and has a tender, sensitive heart toward others. The world would be missing a wonderful gift had her life not been prized.


Above is a recent photo of Hope. Unfortunately many abortions are carried out at 23 weeks gestation (when Hope was born). This is very sad. If you are considering an abortion PLEASE think again. If you have had an abortion, please know that there is forgiveness in One Jesus Christ. But you have to get right with Him - click here to find out more

Have you heard the great news?

FRIEND, it is a sad thing when we make mistakes - even when choosing to deliberately do it. Such things can haunt us for the rest of our lives even if we try to escape the truth- but there is One who wishes to love you inspite of every thing you have done that is wrong.

Every time we have lied, stolen, murdered or anything else, our conscience tells us it is wrong.

Do you know the true cost of such actions? To understand how to find forgiveness for the wrongs you have done in your life, you must listen to your conscience and ask yourself, if you died right now & were before God... (see below for proof that God exists)

Would He find you guilty of these wrongs? (breaking His 10 commandments)
EVER taken God’s name in vain? “the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.”
God is a loving, but perfect Judge. Found guilty, Hell is the place you will go...
(“It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.”)
“for all have sinned & fall short of the glory of God”

HOWEVER Jesus Christ took YOUR punishment upon Himself.
“But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” After His death on the cross, He rose from the dead & defeated death.

To be forgiven you must turn away (Repent) from the things that are wrong (sin) & put your trust in Jesus, & you will “not perish but have everlasting life” in heaven.
please read God’s Word, the Holy Bible, daily & obey it. A good place to start is the Gospel of John.

Jesus said: “I am the way & the truth & the life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through me.”

Don’t believe in God? Imagine if I said nobody made the buildings around you - no builder.
Then that would be crazy! yet the human body is far more complex than any man made object.
“For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.“ very simple.
“The fool has said in his heart,“There is no God.”“ Psalm 14:1

For a free bible or info, contact us here at redeemedvoice using the info above.

save yourself some pain:- (information about becoming a Christian)


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Just because the government says its fine, does not make it right

please, don't murder the unborn. Get right with your Creator who can forgive ANY sin, but only through the blood of Jesus - click here to find out more

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