Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tobias Paul Williams

Today Tobias (God is good) Paul (after Leonie's late father) Williams was born. The child you see in the scan image at the top of this page. It was a truely unique experience and a blessing in every part. He was late by 11/12 days and Leonie had to be induced. After contractions started at about 5:30am on the 4th of August, I arrived at the hospital at about 9.30. The contractions increased and increased over time getting more and more painful. To my delight their were cries of God and Jesus, but not in the normal way that people use the words. My wife was reciting scripture as the pains increased. Late in the evening we moved into the delivery room and Leonie was coming to the point where she was completely ready to push. However there was a problem and she was not able to completely open for Tobias to come out. She was then taken into surgery where they carried out an emergency C-Section. I could not comprehend everything that happened in the room. But I did know was that I met a new human being. I had been communicating with him while he was in the womb, but this was so much different that it blows your mind. Why write this on this website you may ask? well my hope with this website is that the scan image above with encourage people to reconsider having an abortion. I know many are waiting to see photos of Tobias and here they are. But I just wanted to say that I have just watched a short clip that has meant so much more to me today than yesterday, yet yesterday I hated its reality. I pray this will speak to your heart and cause you to rise up against this great evil that is spread across the planet.

Please watch the video and then enjoy the photos - Nigel


  1. Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Angela Free-Knack6 December 2009 at 13:41

    I just found your blog- entirely on accident, actually. This is horrible. I am very pro-life and believe that abortion is murder, but you seem to have taken those beliefs a bit too far. Sensationalizing something so horrible is not going to help the problem- people need to be educated because seeing images such as these serves little purpose other than to desensitize viewers to a tragic truth!

  3. could you be more specific... how have I taken these beliefs too far? In what way am I sensationalizing it?

    I have placed very few images that are of actual abortions. Even if I have, why would this not serve a purpose, especially if it changes the heart of somebody.

    A little vague and not helpful for me to learn from. Sorry